A Voice Discovered is an all volunteer run organization that relies on volunteers for the day to day running of the organization as well as for events, workshops, parent/caregiver support group activities and Camp Discover My Voice.

If you are interested in volunteering at any of our fundraising events, social events or at Camp Discover My Voice please email traci@avoicediscovered.com with questions or to be added to our email list or fill out the form below.  

Volunteer Testimonial

“This was my second year at camp. Last year I learned about the different devices being used by all of the campers, it was so eye opening! I also work with my camper on a weekly basis, at the camp last year he really started using his device more, and has continued to do so, so I think it's amazing for the kids to have the opportunity to come together for a week and really learn to use their voice! From last year to this year I saw so many campers using their devices more, or even talking more! It's an unforgettable and very rewarding experience!”  – Jenny C. - Volunteer (July, 2019)