Access Methods

Not everyone is able to access an AAC system by pointing to or touching the system.  There are many other ways to access an AAC system if a person is not able to point to or touch the system.  

A person's ability to access an AAC system is an important part of the AAC assessment process and should be evaluated to determine the best access method for that person.  

Direct Selection -- With Direct Selection the person is able come into direct contact with the system whether it be through pointing, eye gaze or using a modification such as a stylus or a head pointer.  

Directed Scanning -- The person uses a mouse, joystick or trackball to control the cursor and make selections on a speech generating device.

Indirect Selection -- Some people have such serious motor impairments that they cannot access a device directly or with directed scanning.  For these people switches can be used to operate the device through various types of scanning.