Low-Tech AAC Systems

Low-Tech AAC systems include any symbol system that does not use a battery.  Low-tech systems ​can range from objects to pictures to text and can contain as few as 1-object/picture/word to 100+ pictures/words

Mid-Tech AAC Systems

Mid-Tech AAC Systems include devices that require batteries and can provide voice output.  These devices range from simple single-message voice output devices (e.g., Big Mac) to static display voice output devices.  These devices are usually easy to program and cost less than $500.  The following are a few examples of the many Mid-Tech (Light-Tech) AAC Systems.

High-Tech AAC Systems

High-Tech AAC Systems​ are electronic computer-based voice output systems.  They are usually more sophisticated and more robust systems.  High-Tech devices can be either dedicated (e.g., only used for communication) or computer-based (e.g., laptop computer, iPad, Tablets).  The following are a few examples of of the many dedicated High-Tech speech generating devices.