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AVD AAC Parent/Caregiver Support Group

The Ventura County AAC Family Group is led by Linda Kroenke who is the Parent Liaison for A Voice Discovered and a parent of a child who uses AAC.  The Parent group will provide social meet-ups for parents, caregivers and support staff, informational meetings and workshops, and social meet-ups for people who use AAC and their families/caregivers as well as people interested in learning more about AAC.  Please like us on Facebook for updates about future events.  If you would like to be added to the AAC Family Group list please email Linda at linda@avoicediscovered.com.  You can also join our Facebook Group "AAC Parent/Caregiver Support Group of Ventura County".

Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned!  

Past Events

Art Trek in Newbury Park

The Art Trek event was so much fun!  Everyone had a great time and was able to tap into their creative side!  The AVD AAC Parent Group looks forward to future events at Art Trek.  Thank you so much to Art Trek of Newbury Park for a wonderful time!

AAC Information Workshops

Thank you to all who attended the AAC Information Workshops offered in October of 2016 and April of 2017 at the Ventura County Community Foundation in Camarillo.  The October workshop offered information about various types of AAC systems and assessments.  The April workshop offered information about AAC and the IEP process.  Please check back here and on our Facebook page for future workshops.  Please email linda@avoicediscovered.com to be added to the email list or if you have ideas about future workshops.  

Coffee Meet-Up

Thank you to all who came to our September 23rd Coffee Meet-up!   We had a couple of new attendees and one lucky parent one a ticket to our October 8th Casino Night!  Like us on Facebook or email Linda to get information about upcoming AAC Family Group Coffee Meet-ups.  Email linda@avoicediscovered.com.

Water Play in the Park

The second social event this year was held at a park in Camarillo.  Fun water toys were brought for the families to play with which was a good thing since it was HOT that day.  Families also brought picnic lunches to enjoy in the shade.  Families with kids who used AAC attended as well as families interested in learning more about AAC attended.  It was a small event but everyone had a great time!

Easter Egg Hunt

The Ventura County AAC Family Group is led by Linda Kroenke the Parent Liaison for A Voice Discovered.  The first Social Event of the year was an Easter Egg Hunt at the home of a local family on March 26th.  It was a lot of fun with an egg hunt, egg dying using whipped cream (yum!) and lots of delicious snacks provided by a local family!