Support Groups


A Voice Discovered believes that families of people with complex communication needs/AAC-users can support each other.   Our parent support group is currently undergoing some changes.  Linda Kroenke, our parent liaison, is assisting in making these changes so that our Support Group continues to grow and meet the needs of families of people who use AAC.  

The group discusses various topics related to AAC to help family members feel more comfortable with the  AAC system and how to incorporate it throughout the day.  The group also has guest speakers who come and share information on variety of topics of interest.

The group provides families with a venue to voice concerns, ask questions and meet with other families of AAC users.  The group also provides hands-on practice with the various devices (e.g., dedicated devices and Tablets with communication apps) as well as helpful language and communication strategies that can be incorporated into the home and community.

A coffee meet-up is also starting up.  Please check our Facebook page for updates and send us an email to be added to our email list for upcoming meet-ups.

The AAC group is also starting to provide social experiences for the AAC-users.  Check our events page as well as our Facebook page for more information about upcoming events.

Please contact us for information or to be added to our AAC Parent Support Group Email list.   We are also always looking for volunteers to help during these events.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.  

Parent/Caregiver Support Group Contact

Linda Kroenke

Volunteer Contact

Traci Peplinski