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How A Voice Discovered Can Help

A Voice Discovered will work with families, caregivers, support staff and the community to provide the following:

  • Information and education about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Information and education about language and communication
  • Information about AAC assessments, therapy, and caregiver/family/staff trainings
  • Support groups for families of people who use AAC, AAC-users and people interested in AAC

A Voice Discovered will also provide funding information and/or assistance* for

  • AAC assessment
  • AAC therapy
  • AAC systems (e.g., low-tech, mid-tech or high tech)
  • AAC training for family and support staff
  • AAC camps

**We have met our quota for grants for 2018! With that being said, if you are interested in applying for a grant, please review our TARGETED FUNDRAISING POLICY as we can still work with interested parties to raise money for individual grants.  Please email or call us with questions about this.  **

AVD Grant Process and Timeline

AVD Individual Grant Policy

AVD Individual Grant Application

A Voice Discovered will also provide grants to organizations who work with people with complex communication needs and require AAC.  The mission of the organization must align with AVDs mission.  Please see the Organization Grant Policy for more information.  

AVD Organization Grant Policy​​​
AVD Organization Grant Application

*Applications to be reviewed once a month by members of the grant committee.  Please email grants@avoicediscovered.com or call (805) 651-3906 with questions about our grant program.