Therapy and Training


A Voice Discovered believes that the person with complex communication needs should receive ongoing support in the form of evidence based AAC therapy and/or consultation, as well as training for family members and other people who interact with the AAC-user on a regular basis from a Speech and Language Pathologist knowledgeable of AAC and evidence based AAC therapy.  Therapy and training should be provided for both dedicated devices and Tablets with Communication Apps.  

A Voice Discovered can help the family and/or service providers locate a Speech and Language Pathologist with AAC experience.  A Voice Discovered can also help provide ongoing training and consultation to family members and other members of the team who interact with the AAC-user to help everyone learn to use the AAC system, learn how to integrate the AAC system throughout the day, as well as how to provide a supportive environment for continued growth with the AAC system.  

A Voice Discovered will also provide grants to organizations to fund trainings and consultation for staff with licensed Speech and Language Pathologists who specialize in AAC and follow evidence based practice.  The trainings and consultation will help with implementation of AAC systems including anything from low-tech picture communication boards or alphabet boards to high tech dedicated speech generating devices and/or Tablets with communication apps.