Funding Resources

There are many funding sources that may be available for a person with complex communication needs.  Below is a list of websites with detailed information about the funding process and funding options as well as other grant organizations.

Additional Grant Giving Organizations

The Orange Effect   

Small Steps in Speech Therapy  

Funding Information 

AAC Funding Help --

  • Speech generating device (SGD) Funding Solutions from the Assistive Technology Law Center

  • Provide information about various funding sources

  • Links to report samples and templates

  • Links to letters of medical necessity

  • AAC report coach

AAC Institute -- www.

AAC Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center --

  • AAC RERC checklist outlining role of speech and language pathologist (SLP) in speech generating device (SGD) acquisition process --

Ability Tools – California Assistive Technology lending library

American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) --                    

Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) --

California Public Utilities Commission

  • Deaf and Disability Telecommunications Program (DDTP) --

Voice Options