Grant Recipient Testimonials

“We can't thank A Voice discovered enough for providing financial assistance so that our daughter, Sanna, can get an eye gaze device table stand. With this stand she is able to access and use her device in other places than her seating system, including her stander or when out-and-about. Thank you again A Voice Discovered for your generosity and support!  Kind regards" -- Anja - Parent (November 2020)

“Thank you A Voice Discovered for providing the Daessy folding mount for Victor’s powered wheelchair.  By providing Victor with this wheelchair mount, it is allowing him to use his ACCENT 1400 at home as well as at school.  Seeing Victor’s excitement to have his device come home for the first time goes beyond any words I can share.  AVD has given him the opportunity to share feelings and valued words that we verbal speakers often take for granted. Victor’s first words to his family while using his AAC device were, “I love you”.  Thank you again for being an organization that is providing a voice to students who are without one. " -- Liz SLP (June, 2016)

“We are so grateful to A Voice Discovered! My sweetheart Bob is a MENSA (super brainy), but has been trapped inside his Parkinson's-laden body without the ability to speak for the last couple of years. Bob and I, both introverts, have always spent most of our time with each other since we met 12 years ago (he was diagnosed 2 years later), and we loved just to talk and share our lives, ideas, and faith in Jesus together. As that part of our life was gradually drifting away from us, it became ever more frustrating and discouraging for us both (more so for Bob, I know). But I could always tell by his laughter and interactions that his mind and sense of humor hadn't changed one iota.

A nurse friend of mine from our church told me about A Voice Discovered, and this began a journey to a new hope for us to communicate once again. Traci from this organization was so helpful and kind, and the grants that they so graciously gave us made it possible for Bob to get a device which allows for writing and communicating on the internet. What a blessing! This never would have been possible without their incredible generosity. Though we may miss conversing in the way we once had, we are so thankful that Bob is on a path where he may soon be able to express once again his thoughts, concerns, dreams, etc., and contribute with his incredible mind and heart into my life and the lives of his family members, friends and even caregivers. The hope that this new kind of communication brings is so immense that it is hard to describe unless you've had the great opportunity to experience it firsthand. Clearly, this organization is the creation of so many kind and generous hearts to whom we'd like to give a thanks and cyber hug ( ) as Bob and I are forever grateful to God for helping us discover A Voice Discovered!” -- Sandy (August, 2016)